Monday, December 10, 2012

Meet Snot.

Oh, hi, let me introduce myself to you.

*kitty sniff hello*

My name is Snot.
I am approximately 10 years old.
I live in Silo, Oklahoma with my mom, Gale Bigford, and her family.
I am indoor/outdoor cat who spends most of my time outdoors.

As your can see, I am solid white with baby blue eyes.
I'm a charming, handsome boy.

I have seen and done a lot, and, man, do I have stories to tell.  I go from house to house getting food and loves, and the neighbors all think that I am their cat!  One day, a lady came by my mom's house and said "Hi Snowball, where have you been?"  Haha, oh boy, did my mom set her straight.

I know who I belong to.  My mom is the best.  I always come home to her.  She takes care of me through thick and thin.  Sometimes I get sick from something outside, but she lets me sleep in her closet until I am better.

I'm a tough little rascal, but I love nothing more than to come in for food and to rub on your feet :  ).

I'm Snot, and I'm awesome.

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  1. We love lil Snot! Mom said, don't anyone get any ideas! This baby boy is NOT up for adoption. LOL