Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lily talks a lot.

Meet Mittens.

 Mitten is a kitten, and her previous name was Scrunchie.  She is one part of sister duo, and she was adopted from the Pima Animal Care Center in December 2011.  Though the shelter said she was already a year old, we think she is more like 7 months old just now.

 The day I picked Mittens up, she was very sick.  We went straight to the vet--it was an upper respiratory infection caught in the shelter--and she and her sister, who was also sick, spent two weeks quarantined from Ninja while they recovered.

Mittens and Patches (formerly Scrunchie and Gracie) are blue tabby sisters.  They have bunny-like fur, and they are approximately seven pounds right now.  Rene knew they were his cats the first second he laid eyes on them, and they just happened to be put out for adoption the day we went to the shelter to get him another cat.  

Though she looks like her sister, Mittens' personality is very much different.  Mittens would always choose a toy over play fighting, and she tends to play in the kitchen on the tile by herself a lot.  Her favorite toy is a small grey mouse, pictured above by her left paw.

 Mittens is brave, and she is always curious about new situations, even if--maybe even especially if--the situation is scary.  As you can see, she had no problem riding in my car.  And she investigates the vacuum rather than running from it like most cats.

Don't let her graceful tiger looks fool you.  Mittens is silly, and the above picture shows her normal goofy face.  She is an independent girl.  She only likes to be petted when she's in the mood for it; she'll slap Ninja if he tries to play with her when she's not interested; and she has a singular focus when it comes to interaction with humans: food.  Mittens is already quite skilled at asking for canned food, and her distinctive bird-like chirpy voice often echoes through Rene's apartment.