Thursday, February 14, 2013

Biscuit wants kisses from Doodles.

Astro and Patches.

Goodbye Sumo and little Doodles.

Little Doodles, left, and Sumo, right, recently left my home to become permanent residents at Pawsitively Cats No-Kill cat shelter.  They are both semi-feral, and they are not adoptable at this time.  Nevertheless, they are both such good kitties, and me and my kitties miss them very much.

Below, they play a game with me a couple nights before they left.  Even little Doodles was playing, and that was a first.  I think it shows how much potential they have to become tame good kitties with time and patience, and they are now in the good hands of a great lady who will work to make them all that they can be.