Friday, June 15, 2012

Special Guest Stars: Pawsitively Cats' cats.

Pawsitively Cats is a no-kill shelter located in Tucson, Arizona.
I began volunteering there this week, and the cats and staff are wonderful.
Here are some of my new buddies:

 Sonic, the schizophrenic super cat

The Grizz


 Chasity, she's diabetic

Nicholas is also diabetic


Tabitha (she reminds me of Lily)


Emily, she is so sweet

 shy Zoey




 Sonny likes to talk.


 Big Red


 Harriet, a paraplegic cat

India, another paraplegic cat

Here's a link to Pawsitively Cats' facebook.

Afternoon playtime.

Handsome Ninja, part 2.

Harry on a shelf.