Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Afternoon nap.

Meet Patches.

 Patches, aka Gracie, is a blue tabby and white kitten with a lemur-like ringed tail.  She is Mitten's sister, but Patches couldn't be more different.  Rene adopted her in December 2011 from the Pima Animal Care Center.

 Gracie spent the first month of her new life in Rene's bedroom with her sister.  The first two weeks they were recovering from an upper respiratory infection; the next two weeks Ninja was recovering after he caught it by playing with the kittens under the door.

 Introductions didn't go so well.  Gracie, upon seeing the large black Ninja in the living room, stopped suddenly and literally shrieked at the top of her lungs.  Ninja ran in terror, and it took weeks for them to be able to be friends.  Now they are fighting buddies.

Patches has a unique personality.  She is sweet, always asking her humans for pets, but she is also a tough little biter.  She almost seems detached and stuck in her little world, but she spends countless hours playing with her sister and Ninja.  She is at her cutest when asking for pets: as you reach down to pet her, she stands up on her back legs and raises her head high in the air to reach your hand.

(sniffer face)