Friday, November 23, 2012

Rest in peace, sweet Prince.

This gives a new meaning to Black Friday.  Poor little Jacob found his Prince dead this morning.  Something had attacked him, and Prince came home but did not survive.  I'm breaking my own rule of posting pictures of people because Jacob was Prince's boy, he loved him so much.  Jacki and Jacob will miss Prince so much.  So will his adopted brother Superhero.  And my heart breaks for them.  Rest in peace, sweet Prince.  Know no more pain.  We love you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Meet Boo Boo.

Boo Boo is an almost five-month old kitten who lives with my sister Jennifer and her fiance Michael in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  She is a brown tabby with a very cute pink collar and a nub tail. 

Boo Boo loves to be held.  Here she is being held by her Aunt Jamie.
She is precious.

As you can tell, it's hard work being this cute.  Here is Boo Boo asleep with one of her favorite toys, a ball.

Lily posing.

Lily, pose pretty for the camera.

Good job!

Kitten sisters.

Little Patches and Little Doodles :  )

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Lily.

Astro has a boyfriend?

Yesterday, Sister Sue went to the vet to be spayed.
It turns out that Sister Sue is actually Brother Sue.
So Astro doesn't have a girlfriend.  He has a really good boy...friend.
That he likes to hold down and kiss.  :  ).

Hi, I'm little Patches.

 Hi, I'm Little Patches.

 Take that camera out of my face, please.

 I said please.

No pictures!

: ).