Friday, June 22, 2012

Special Guest Stars: Pawsitively Cat's cats, part 2.

Silly Chasity.  Her tongue is sticking out.

 Tabitha and her wild whiskers.

 Louise and her sea foam green eyes.





Claudette (Lily's twin).


 Chucky Cheese.

 Desiree and Cassidy.




 Sweet Harriet.




 Sonic and the Grizz.

Emily's sniffer face.

Pawsitively Cats is desperately low on funds right now, so if you can make any donation--$5, $10, $20, anything--please do so at this site: You can also sponsor a cat at  Choose one of the listed cats, or scroll down to the bottom and put in the name of the cat you want to sponsor.
Many purrs to you.

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